UniFlex.NetTM wishes to provide you with the best Internet service available.In order to do this, we must keep our overhead costs (ISDN PRI lines, digital modems, etc.) down, so we can keep our rates low and our service high. With this in mind, we must ask you to abide to the following:

  1. Your monthly access fee is based upon the bandwidth requirements for your type of account. UniFlex.Net TM retains the right to raise your monthly access fee if your bandwidth usage or storage requirements exceed typical usage for your type of account. You will receive a warning notice and a grace period which you can use to correct the situation (by using smaller graphics or reducing the size of your storage area). If the situation persists UniFlex.NetTM will raise your basic monthly rate. You will retain the right to terminate service before the new rates go into effect.

  2. UniFlex.NetTM prohibits the resale of Internet access or web hosting through your system unless specific arrangements are made with UniFlex.net.
  3. UniFlex.NetTM prohibits the sale or resale of services and/or products using a Personal account without specific arrangements being made with UniFlex.net. Business accounts and non-profit organizations are not bound by this constrant.
  4. The content of your storage areas are your responsibility. However, UniFlex.NetTM prohibits the posting of materials which are considered obscene, offensive, or illegal in the United States, New Jersey, and all other legal localities.
  5. While UniFlex.NetTM maintains a daily backup schedule of user areas, UniFlex.NetTM disclaims any and all liability resulting from a situation in which we are unable to recover data in your storage areas after a system crash. You are cautioned to keep a copy of data stored on our systems.
  6. Pursuant to federal regulations we are required to inform you that internet mail can be viewed by persons to whom the mail is not addressed. There are no provisions in any internet mail program to ensure the privacy of internet e-mail unless you make your own arrangements to encrypt the mail being sent. UniFlex.NetTM disclaims any and all liability resulting from lost or undelivered e-mail.
  7. UniFlex.NetTM is a common carrier of the USENET newsfeeds. The content of these groups is the responsibility of the poster and not of UniFlex.NetTM. Parents are strongly urged to provide stringent parental controls when allowing minors access to the internet.
  8. When requesting a domain name, the interNIC has placed several restraints on the types of domain names that can be assigned. Some examples of these restraints are:
  9. The Domain Name must be used. You can not reserve a domain name hoping to sell it later on.

    Your Domain Name must not infringe upon another person's copyright or trademark.

    When requesting a domain name, UniFlex.NetTM is merely an agent acting on your behalf. Your registration fee covers our expenses in submitting the paperwork and configuring our computer system for your domain. You are solely responsible for rejected domain names, and are solely responsible for any disbutes. When registering or transferring a domain name, you will own the domain name.

  10. UniFlex.Net TM reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service for any of the following:
  11. engaging in activities which cause harm to individuals and/or computers on the internet,

    making available in their storage area materials which are offensive, copyrighted, or illegal by New Jersey or United States standards,

    sending unsolicited e-mails (junk e-mail),

    failure to follow the established Netiquette of the Internet.

  12. All PPP or MPP dialup accounts are subject to a 20 minute inactivity disconnect. After an inactivity disconnect you are free to re-connect to one of our servers/Internet. The disconnect is implemented to keep our overhead costs low so that UniFlex.NetTM may provide you with the best Internet service available as per our stated objective.