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Moving your home across the street can be a trying experience for some people; moving across the world presents a multifaceted challenge that can leave even the most experience globe-trotter with a lot questions and very few answers. Differences in laws, cultures, customs, and languages are just a few of the problems that face today’s global executive. Let Central Moving Systems, Inc. and Mayflower International, Inc. be the answer to all your questions. Central’s team of global international professionals will set you on the road to your new home with a renewed confidence that everything will reach your destination safely, securely and as quickly as possible. "TEAM CENTRAL" will professionally pack and wrap all of your belongings for travel across the world to your new home.

Central Moving Systems, Inc. will help guide you through the myriad of paperwork that accompanies all international relocations. Every country has different laws governing what can and cannot be brought into their homeland. Pets, firearms, electronic equipment, books, magazines and medication are just a few of the items that may cause a problem for you if you do not know what is legal or acceptable in you destination country.

Through Mayflower International, we offer Attaché Services to ease your transition. Our Attaché Services package offers a variety of helpful services for the entire family. For the executive, we offer full reports on etiquette, business practices, and customs for your country of destination. For the rest of the family there are books, videos, sight seeing and travel tips, as well as other helpful information on schools, shopping and entertainment.

Central Moving Systems International Division offers a variety of shipping options to fit your lifestyle, budget and time frame:

We offer door to door direct Air-Freight Service to more countries than most other carriers, as well a guaranteed pickup and delivery dates on all shipments. For the fastest way to receive your household goods and professional items.

We offer complete containerized services for shipping entire homes and automobiles for a more economical alternative in shipping overseas. Again all services are door to door with guaranteed dates. All furniture is pad wrapped for maximum protection of all your items.

Central Moving Systems, Inc. also offers full crating services for your high value items. Items that should be crated include, but are not limited to; antiques, Grandfather or Grandmother clocks, glass and marble tops, paintings and sculptures.

Is your relocation a temporary assignment overseas ? Why spend the time and effort to ship unneeded and unwanted furniture to your new location just to bring it back 6 months later. Central Moving Systems, Inc. can store your furniture in our safe, secure warehouse until you return.

What ever your International Relocation needs are, call Central Moving Systems, Inc. at 1-800-222-0327. We have the knowledge, equipment and experience to get the job done right.





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